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7Ortho is different because it’s run by people who understand first hand, the stresses and strains put on an Orthodontic practice and what drives your customers.

  • The Good Fortune Campaign

    Today’s your lucky day… we’ll that’s what Today’s Orthos patients felt like with our 'Sharing your good fortune’ campaign. We used the iconic fortune cookie to symbolise this, we had the staff wearing branded t-shirts, actual fortune cookies to give away and patients could actually share their good fortune with the friends and if they did they both got a small fortune.

    iOrtho Branding

    Orthodontics is a professional business so it needs to look that way. Starting with nice looking stationery right down the the patient folders and the forms that are included in it. Consistency is key in the example shown here.

    Today’s Ortho Branding

    Who’s to say that you can’t be professional while having fun with your brand. This is a perfect example of how your brand can reflect your personality… bright, fun and of course professional

  • Your Ortho

    Stand out from the crowd! Your Ortho does just that. This brand markets to Orthodontists, not patients, so this is why we chose a risky color choice of brown and orange. It definitely stands out against traditional Ortho advertising where blues and greens are usually used.

    Minimalist advertising

    How many ads have you seen with an image of a person smiling to advertise orthodontists… lots right? So for iOrtho we decided to create fun minimalist ads that make people stop and think a bit more. There’s not a lot of reading, just clever bylines and imagery.

Our proven marketing systems are built on years of experience, working with some of America’s most successful practices.

  • Brand workshop

    We have bespoke systems to uncover the powerful truths in your business. And we have cost-effective and very creative ways of communicating your brand differences to your clients.

Deep discovery phase
In-depth interviews
SWAT analysis
Competitive reviews

Strategic planning
Creative brainstorming
“What if” sessions­­­
Concept testing

End deliverables
A complete marketing plan
Brand refresh
New brand voice
Covering every touch point – traditional and digital

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We're a team that adore what we do

  • Team Member

    Bridgette Owens

    CEO/Director of Creative Strategy USA.

    New Zealand born Bridgette brings over 10 years of marketing experience and her fine art skills to create powerful campaigns for the 7 Group’s Clients. Today, she’s combining her extensive Ortho knowledge with her artistic flair to lead the Creative Direction for 7Ortho.

    Team Member

    Peter J Crook

    Agency Principal, Director.

    Peter is not just the brains behind 7 Group, he’s the founding father and proud grandfather. With a passion for marketing and creating business solutions, Peter stretches the Pacific with one foot in Colorado and one in Auckland, New Zealand to drive the ongoing success of 7 Group and now 7Ortho.

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